Services offered by RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC.

RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC has been providing services in plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC to West Vancouver, North Vancouver City, North Vancouver District, Vancouver and Burnaby since 1940. The staff and technicians have changed over the years, but the company’s focus has always been to provide top quality products, with expert service, in a highly professional fashion.

The services RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC provides has grown with the communities they call their own. Initially, we were the people to call for plumbing and heating services and emergencies. Then, as the use of gas appliances increased, so did our skill set to meet the demand. As well, as HVAC systems became integrated in to residential settings, we learned how to install and trouble-shoot these advance indoor climate control systems in order to be of better service to all our friends and clients.

Have a browse through our various sections of service that RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC can give you now. You will find that we can meet all your needs for plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC situations. Whether you are needing to install a new component/system, or need a leaky faucet fixed, or want some help with a  new construction project, we are the company to call on the North Shore of Vancouver BC. From Lion’s Bay to West and North Vancouver, over to Vancouver and Burnaby, we are always ready and able to help with all your issues and emergencies in a prompt, professional manner. Get in touch with us today and enjoy the comfort of knowing all your plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC issues are already taken care the moment we get to say, “Hello, RAY JOHNSON PLUMBING, HEATING, GAS, & HVAC . How can we help you?”



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We look forward to hearing from you and servicing all your plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC maintenance, issues, and emergencies. You can call us at 604-988-4121, or send a fax to 604-988-4110. You can also use our contact form. But if using Social Media portals is more your style, you can “link”, “follow”, “like”, etc., and we will get back to you.