Rates for services offered by RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas & HVAC.

Our rates are designed to deliver the best value during regular business hours, and we still deliver great value outside of those hours.

Regular Hourly RateOvertime Hourly RateDouble Time Hourly Rate

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm


Monday - Friday: 4:30pm - 8:00am

Saturday 8:00am - 4:30pm


Saturday: Before 8:00am and after 4:30pm

Sunday: All Day

Statutory Holidays: All Day


RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas & HVAC also offers a hourly rate for A/C Refrigeration Technician Services at a regular hourly rate of $105.00.

Flat rate services

Backflow Testing


Furnace Servicing


Boiler Service


Fireplace Service


Hot Water Tank Replacement

40 Gallon Electric $900.00

60 Gallon Electric $995.00

Flat rate equipment rates

Drain Cleaner - K750


Drain Cleaner - K380


Drain Cleaner - K39, K40, K50


Plug Flusher


Mini Hand-Held Camera


Large Camera / Locator


Small Camera / Locator


Hydrojet Flusher


Freeze Machine


Flue Gas Analyzer


Submersible Pump / Fire Hose


RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas & HVAC also offer 24 Hour Emergency Services for:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Gas
  • HVAC

If you have an emergency for any of the above, make sure to call us immediately at 604-922-4121 for fast, effective, solutions to you plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC emergencies.


We work with the following companies to provide you with the best products and prices available.



We look forward to hearing from you and servicing all your plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC maintenance, issues, and emergencies. You can call us at 604-988-4121, or send a fax to 604-988-4110. You can also use our contact form. But if using Social Media portals is more your style, you can “link”, “follow”, “like”, etc., and we will get back to you.