About us at RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC.

RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC has grown with the communities of  West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, and Burnaby. We are part of that history which dates back to when all of Vancouver and the North Shore, including North Vancouver, West Vancouver and up to Lions Bay, was pushing out creating new places for business and living space. As these communities grew, so did RAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC providing the plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC services needed for residential and commercial customers alike.

Starting out from meager beginnings, the company has evolved into one of the more prominent North Shore based companies. As the buildings of businesses and homes changed in size and technology, we as well changed to be able to continue giving you the best possible solutions for all you plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC issues. This required that our teams be made up of people who are always continuing their eduction, seeking out new skills, and wanting to provide a professional service to all our customers. To date we have been very successful in selecting and working with all our staff.

From the moment you call 604-922-4121, or contact usRAY JOHNSON Plumbing, Heating, Gas, & HVAC starts solving all your issues and maintenance requirements. We will listen carefully to your needs, dispatch a qualified team to your location, and provide you with a fast professional solution to any of your plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC issues or emergencies.

Through the distribution and partnerships we have formed over our many years of business, we are able to provide you with quality products at reasonable prices for most everything you need to make your home or business comfortable. We have built our business on being a trusted name and work with business of the same caliber. This way you can rest assured that the products used are as highly valued as the services used to install them.


We work with the following companies to provide you with the best products and prices available.



We look forward to hearing from you and servicing all your plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC maintenance, issues, and emergencies. You can call us at 604-988-4121, or send a fax to 604-988-4110. You can also use our contact form. But if using Social Media portals is more your style, you can “link”, “follow”, “like”, etc., and we will get back to you.